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CP3d Blowing Leaves Pendant #3
CP3d is a series of 3d printed nylon shades that attach to a standard machined aluminum pendant body that houses a line voltage 5W LED module. The printed shades of these leaf lamps collect and distribute the warm light of the LED and cast light and shadows. The combination of high tech processes mixed with organic designs create wonderful little lamps that are well suited for residential and hospitality projects alike. The Blowing Leaves series is designed by Christopher Poehlmann. Available in white or dyed green for an additional $30
Printed nylon shade aprox 5" x 5", overall height with shade and LED body aprox 9" 5W LED, 110v Black cord up to 10' long. Choice of Black, white, aluminum or grass green pendant body. Shade available in white or dyed green for additional $30.
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Blowing Leaves Pendant #3  open shade design