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LiveEdge is a series of furniture designed and built by Christopher Poehlmann. The series certainly pokes a bit of fun at the wonton overuse of old growth slab tabletops, but it is also quite reverential to the Master of the slab table George Nakashima. Cartoon woodgrain laminate over plywood is a sustainable alternative to solid wood, complete with a random "live" edge and very precise round "knot holes". Custom bases range from Nock-a-shima style plywood or aluminum, to pick-up-sticks style made from rusticated steel bar, to our trademark newGROWTH style aluminum tree branches. These tables are all custom built and made to order in whatever size is desired.
Coffee table, occasional tables, console tables, dining tables, conference tables, Bar tops…. Please contact us for a quote.
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Knock-a-shima coffee table
Knock-a-shima coffee table
Knock-a-shima coffee table
LiveEdge dining table with integrated newGROWTH lamp
LiveEdge dining table with newGROWTH base
LiveEdge Console Table with steel pick-up-sticks base
White laminate detail
orange laminate detail
purple laminate detail
Set of 4 interlocking tables with puzzle joints and unique tree root inspired ba
LiveEdge Puzzle table detail
LiveEdge Puzzle table with newGROWTH aluminum tree root bases
White laminate with black woodgrain detail
Knock-a-shima Nakashima style aluminum table base
Knock-a-shima Nakashima style aluminum table base detail
Live Edge cartoon slab top -- 40" x 78"
liveEdge dining table with newGROWTH chandelier