CP Lighting
Wand Pendant
Wand Pendant is one of our solutions for creating a beautiful, user friendly light from a direct LED source. Using a frosted acrylic lens allows the Wand (aka GlowStick) to transfer the harsh direct light of the LED into a lovely glow similar to that from an old school incandescent bulb. The warm even light makes for nice ambient and down lighting over bars, counters and tables either alone or in groupings. The Wand Pendant is ideal in both residential and commercial settings as it is super sturdy with an LED life expectancy of 50,000 hours.
5W LED module available in non-dimming 120v or fully dimmable 12v complete with a transformer hidden in the ceiling canopy. Standard size as shown is 10" H. Can be sized to suit from 6" to 24" H
Wand LED Pendants  aka GlowStick Pendant
Wand LED Pendant with aluminum body and nickel post
Wand LED Pendant, frosted acrylic lens
Wand LED Pendant shown with partially frosted lens
Wand Pendant group