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Style families that offer a unified aesthetic through a variety of fixture types


CP Lighting newGROWTH branchelier.jpg


Aluminum trees never grow old. We love the original newGrowth series that we have been making for over 20 years. Each one is made to order to suit your space and lighting needs. The organic shapes are timeless and feel at home in any number of spaces. In addition, the endless available finishes give us confidence that we can come up with a perfect branch fixture for you.

CP Lighting LiquorLamp-Pendant.jpg


High-end glass shades developed in conjunction with innovative glass blowers and recyclers in Philadelphia. We have added more lines with commercially available glassware to complement our one-of-a-kind work.

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Popsicle Pendants

One of our longest running series, these plastic shades were originally made in my kitchen oven. A gentle lights soaks though the scratched surface that is available in completely custom colors.


New Traditions

Our New Traditions lights are designed to work in transitional spaces, working equally well in more traditional interiors as well as contemporary environments.

CP Lighting newGROWTH2-LED.jpg


Cleaner lines, bold acrylic lenses; the newGROWTH2 line is a new and striking take on the branch-iliers we cut our teeth on. Integrated LED units give this series a component of elegance and magic.



We have brought nature to the cutting edge of design. 3d printing allows us to explore new ideas about the meaning of light. Our shades capture and hold light while casting shadows that elicit the feeling of walking through a sunlit forest or translating a two dimensional image of a rose shaped shade. Each of our CP3d fixtures is the digital equivalent of fine craft, involving hours of meticulous manipulation on the computer to generate the 3d program — remarkably similar to the work of a sculptor or jeweler.

cplighting Sketchy Chandelier 1.jpg


These unique fixtures are full of movement and seem to have jumped right off the sketch pad in to reality. The creation process is something of a jazz duet between the maker and a pipe bender, so don’t expect any two to be the same. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

2 twiggy pendants.jpeg


Introducing our latest take on foliage for your lighting needs, Twiggy. Solid steal branches and leaves are arranged in a semi-regular fashion to provide a family of fixtures that can be hardwired in to any facet of your architectural project.

CP Lighting Block Sconce.jpg

Lumber Lamps

A variety of fixture designs utilizing real wood as well as faux bois techniques to celebrate nature’s own beautiful sense of design. Christopher Poehlmann’s work has been a prime influence in the world of Organic Modernism for decades, combining the disparate concepts of Rustic furnishings with the tenants of Modernism. The various lamps in our LumberLamp section as well as those in the newGROWTH categories are testament to his success with this obsession.

cplighting sate-lite 2 pendant.jpg


Brutalist design can be quite beautiful. The fixtures in this series display another side of the design philosophy of CP Lighting — sometimes quite rational and modernist, other times a bit rough and masculine. Mostly focused on the materiality of metal.

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