Furniture designed and hand built by Christopher Poehlmann

Yes, CP Lighting is mainly known as a fantastic source for your decorative lighting needs, but we have a long and engaged history with Studio Furniture. Below are a number of examples of Poehlmann’s furniture explorations, often pushing the boundaries of form and function, craft and design. His furniture work has been published in source books and design magazines world wide. It has also been featured in numerous gallery and museum shows throughout the US including over a dozen solo exhibitions. For this artist, it’s those grey areas between sculpture and pure design that create objects for everyday use that evoke meaning and engage the end user in a fuller concept of what it means to live with the decorative arts. Please contact us directly to talk about commissioning a table, clock, chair or lamp.


Modern Rustic Lounge Chair

LiveEdge Puzzle Table

Knock-a-shima Table

Modern Rustic Lounge Chairs

Modern Rustic Hall Table

Sixty4 Stools

Modern Rustic Bench

newGROWTH Chair 2

Tesselation Table — 44 legs, 11 reconfigurable tables for individual or small group use or as one large conference table

Tesselation Table — 7 table configuration

CLB Rocker for indoor or outdoor. 1/2” thick CNC aluminum w/ powder coat


LiveEdge Table with integral newGROWTH Chandelier

Chunky Chair

newGROWTH Chair 1

Breuer Rustic deStijl Chair

Tesselation Table — WilsonArt Grain laminates

Madame Butterfly, 7’ H aluminum and copper Grandmother clock with chimes

CP Lighting

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